Your Own Personal Numerologist and Spiritual Healer

Allison Rose offers services that will assist with healing your mind, body and soul.

Numerology readings. Find out what drives you to do the things you do and your purpose in this life, knowing ourselves better can assist in our everyday life.          

Allison Rose being interviewed by Trinise Kennedy

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Offerings include numerology readings and energy healings. 

Want to know exactly how your name is influencing everything in your life? What mind-boggling questions do you have about your life path?

Are there relationships that you need to mend? Would you like valuable insights on how to master your own life? I’d love to help you!

A third generation Numerologist and Spiritual Healer, Allison Rose assists individuals in understanding themselves and others. Spiritually intuitive with a Reiki Master, Allison channels all of her skills into her readings with you.

Allison can help you get much-needed direction for your life. So you can enjoy the journey!

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and traces back more than 10,000 years and has been found in ancient Greece, Egypt, China and India. The advancement of numerology was accredited to Pythagoras the Greek philosopher and mathematician, the Pythagorean number system which is widely used by numerologists was named after him.

Message from Allison to You

I just love numerology. I love understanding why people do the things they do.

What inspires and drives them? Who are they? What makes them…them? The pieces of the puzzle are always different for everybody.

Having created my own template and formula allows me to assist others to unlock the puzzle, and provide people with the answers they seek.

I always feel happy knowing I am contributing to others.

Love and light,

Allison Rose


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